Villa View

To capture the best view of this resort villa we had to use strobes to light the porch.

Advertising photos in Airport

If you have been through the baggage check in the Roatan airport lately, you have probably seen this 12 foot display featuring photos I shoot for Ocean Hills. For those who haven’t seen it, here’s a few snapshots:

Xbalanque Higero Pavilion

Xbalanque Resort Roatan contacted me to take photos of their newly constructed pavilion so they could promote it for events and as a yoga retreat studio. We scheduled a shoot during a yoga session, and another at dusk when the building is lit up.

Grand Roatan Resort

Having just finished the first phase of construction, Grand Roatan Resort contacted me to create imagery that shows the beauty of their beachfront resort. This project included photography of each of their multi-room suites, exterior architecture photos, as well as the beach and pool area. We ended up with a variety of great high resolution images for their website and promotional use. See a few samples below.

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