Villas del Playa Condo

Here’s some photos from a beachfront villa overlooking the sea. To showcase both the interior spaces and the view out the window I used multiple strobes to light the interior spaces and balance it with the outdoors.

Blue Harbor Home

It was my pleasure to photograph this beautiful home on the waterfront of Blue Harbor. Even before walking inside, I got to see and ocean view right through the front doors. Once inside the living space opens up with an even wider view of the sea.

Hillside Restaurant Real Estate

Here are photos of Ooloonthoo restaurant for a real estate listing. In addition to daytime photos featuring the view, I also created images at dusk showing the garden lighting.

Vacation Rental at Palmetto Bay Resort

This a rental villa at Palmetto Bay Resort that needed photos for their real estate listing. As usual, I brought additional lighting to fully capture the interior spaces.

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