Yoga Center Photography

Hiergo Pavilion contacted me to get some photos of their yoga retreat to be used in future marketing material. Here’s a few photos from the shoot.


I just did a shoot for a new yoga studio. It has an amazing rooftop view overlooking the ocean which makes it great for morning yoga. The studio area is shaded by a roof which made properly exposing both the yogis and the view more difficult, but with the use of studio strobes I was able to get some great shots that really capture the location.

Island Resort

This resort needed updated photos as soon as possible. They were looking for photos showing the extensive grounds, multiple restaurants, and two room styles. I scheduled the shoot as early as possible, and had images available for the client the following day. We had to make some compromises in order to get them images right away, but I was still able to create some great photos.

Resturant Lifestyle

A local business needed a few lifestyle images featuring people enjoying themselves in a restaurant, as well as some fancy cocktails. I scheduled the shoot, arranged our models, and captured just the images they were looking for. Here is how it turned out:

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