Windfarm Construction Photography Project

For the last few years, I have been documenting the progress of a wind farm construction project. Most of my photography projects are relatively short term, consisting of a few days or sometimesĀ a week or more of photography. This started with aerial photography of the hilly land before the road had even been built. In the last 9 months I have been regularly documenting construction progress from specific locations, as well as capturing images of work in action. One of the goals of this photographic project was to have quality before-and-after images to be on display at a museum. As the project progressed, it was decided to also include video that would also be on display in the museum, and could also be used to show an update of the progress status to investors and the local community. The video includes time-lapse footage, aerial videography, combined with facts about the project. As the wind farm now has one wind generator complete and operational you can now watch the construction from beginning to end! There is still more to come as there are more than 20 towers remaining to be completed.